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A multi-function, highly configurable fabricator that doesn’t break down or break the bank.

The DX does it all. It’s cost effective price point will make you think twice about buying or refurbishing used machinery. PACE’s rugged construction means the DX is designed for strength, and built for durability.
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Technical Specifications

Base Model includes:

  • Main unwind with pneumatic mandrel and brake
  • 1st module:
    • One anvil head with 101 tooth through-hardened roll
    • Removable for maintenance purposes
    • Anvil has two positions 9 o’clock and 12 o’clock
  • 2nd module:
    • Two anvil head with 101 tooth through-hardened rolls
    • Removable for maintenance purposes
  • Main rewind:
    • Clockwise rotation with pneumatic mandrel and clutch
    • Can handle 14″ OD finished roll
  • Overhead laminating unwind with pneumatic mandrel and brake
  • Overhead powered waste rewind with pneumatic mandrel and clutch
  • 1/8 in CP gearing
  • 70 durometer laminating nip
  • Run speeds up to 300 FPM
  • Pre-determining, programmable counter
  • Heavy duty truck assist assembly
  • Full set of die hold-down hardware for each anvil station
  • Two swing register assemblies
  • One razor slitting assembly with six blade holders
  • 0.75″ thickness machined aluminum side frames
  • In-house welded and painted tubular steel subframe
  • Light curtain for operator safety
  • Air required: 2 to 3 CFM at 80 PSI

Options & Accessories

DX Standard

  • Automatic web guidance with built in splicing table
  • Second, finished rewind with 3″ air mandrel
  • Rotational reversing of the product rewind mandrel(s) including separate motor and clockwise / counterclockwise switch

DX Expanded

  • All DX Standard features
  • A fourth anvil is available to be added in the first module, with additional swing register assembly
  • Additional weldments available for future installation of unwind /rewinds
  • Pneumatic draw nip assembly with roller, gauge, regulator, and up / down switch

DX Premier

  • All DX Expanded features
  • All four anvils are easily removable by operator
  • Removable, driven, through hardened, support rolls are positioned below the anvils

Also Available

  • Additional powered waste rewind assembly, including pneumatic clutch and 3″ OD pneumatic mandrel
  • Additional powered laminating unwind assembly, including pneumatic brake and 3″ OD pneumatic mandrel
  • Additional powered unwind / rewind assembly, including combination pneumatic brake / clutch and 3″ OD pneumatic mandrel
  • Laminate 
  • Diecut 
  • Perforate 
  • Sheet 
  • Takeoff/Conveyor 
  • Die Stations 3 – 4
  • Removable Anvils Available
  • Auto Web Guide Available
  • Drive System Belt Drive